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Case Study: Time It Takes To Rank In Google


This study by ahrefs shows that almost 95% of newly published pages don’t rank in Google within the Top10 without receiving diligent SEO applied for more than a year. And those that got to the Top10 in less than a year is most likely hard work and great knowledge of SEO (and possibly factors regarding ease of keyword competition) . This study is based on the SEO results in Google for 2 million random keywords. So it sets a reasonable expectation.

6 Top SEO Ranking Factors That Work Today


Google rankings can mean a steady stream of free traffic to your website. However staying on top of the current SEO strategies that are effective can be elusive. In the past year SEO ranking factors have changed have changed quite a bit. These 6 SEO Ranking Factors and additional tips will help you keep on track. Google Regularly ...